A Resolution

Hello blog readers, Happy New Year.

Time has just turned into 1995, or 2012, or 2015, that’s it, it’s recently become 2015.  I hope you are ‘aving a luverly one.  Me, I’m doing my usual at this time of year and thinking about the future and what it will bring.  Or more importantly, as required by inspiring American Presidential speeches, what I can bring to it.

As is traditional at this time of the year many thoughts are turned to the ideology of making brave promises, such as getting fitter, travelling more, being sarcastic to fewer Black Rhinoceroses, that sort of thing.  So, who am I to buck this trend?

Yes, I kinda want to do these things but more importantly I want to do more stuff.  I want to do more content creation.

You will already be aware that I’m that type of soul.  A giver.  A provider.  A right old show off.

You know I occasionally blog and that I have started a podcast, plus if you’ve scanned the page you’ll know I have a reasonably active, non ‘RT’ing Twitter account and a public Instagram photo feed and you might also have been inquisitive enough to discover that I have put a limited number of videos onto YouTube.  All good content creationy stuff so far.  But I want to go even further and I’m using this very public notice board to declare an interest in getting more stuff out there.

So, a resolution for the year, which as it’s in writing and on pixels etc won’t be able to be broken at all.  In the forthcoming twelve months I plan to… sorry, hope to… sorry may…

Do at least twenty more blog posts.

Write, record, then re-record because I fluffed a word or two, then publish six more podcasts.

Write, create and publish six comedy videos or vodcasts or maybe even videocasts then publish these to my YouTube account.

Be sarcastic to no Black Rhinos whatsoever, no matter how much they goad me.

Turn one of my ‘songs’ into a real song with actual music and stuff, written and recorded to match the lyrics I’ve already done so that at least one doesn’t just look like a lame poem.

Finish the book I started writing in November 2014 year which was abandoned in November 2014 by which I mean do all the chapters and not just turn it into a Novella.  Then get it published in the iTunes bookstore for proof and actual purchase and stuff.

So, That is the plan.  How I’m going to achieve all this, what with all my getting fitter and travelling more, nobody knows?  But there is no going back now.  No, seriously, there isn’t.  Time doesn’t work that way.  So onto some writing, recording, videoing, novelising, singing and more.

I just hope the singing doesn’t threaten the Rhinos.  Thankfully they do have a tough skin.