5 pictures of Vince

Vince was created in the South of England in a decade where skirt lengths and popular cars shared a name.  As a teenager in the seventies Vince was forced to work for a living which effectively oozed all the creativity out of his life for too many decades.

Occasionally the real Vince emerges and you are witnessing one of these occasions.  A biker [motorised, please], ideas man, fan of technology, humorist, petrol-head, imaginatist.  All words indeed, with some even making sense.

The blogs and content will be about these things and more.  Like the changing weather in the country if you’re not sure about the current post wait around, the next may be just the thing for you.  Conversely this does mean that if you like something you are unlikely to get that same feeling again.  Ho hum.

What you will get though is true creationism.  No, not that fallible religious notion but genuine new thought provoking content.  And if this isn’t your thing then go forth and be sheared.

Finally, please do feel free to comment, if your device and aptitude is up to such things.  Never be afraid to pop your head over the parapet.  You are highly likely to receive a smile.

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