This summer Zoopla are currently running an advertising campaign.  That’s fine.  That’s their inalienable right.  They have to do it.  Get and keep their name out there.  Build some business.

As you can see they have gone for a unique tact.  Great, that’s what they should do.  In this case the idea of smart as a conceit.  Well done Zoopla.  Where did you get that idea from?

Yes come on?  Where did you get that idea?

Well I suspect it was your advertising agency.  I can picture the meeting now.  All stripy shirts, coloured braces, goatee beards and over enthusiastic shouting.  With them selling you this unique idea of smart as a conceit.

But where did they get this from?  Was it my blog post on 19 July 2012, I wonder?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

But acknowledgement is the most honourable.

And reward the most appreciated.