The Ups and Downs

Ladles and gentlepens.  Apologies if you have been checking my WordPress site recently and have been seeing strange things.  That is, stranger than my normal posts.

You see, I used to have a full website full of words, ideas, opinions, thoughts writing, quotes and stuff all of which I hand coded.  Clever me.  However it was all a bit texty and pre-2005 so I transferred it all to Apple’s own Web publisher some time ago and added some pretty images to lessen the impact.

Unfortunately Apple never moved on with iWeb so it too became out of date and not very Web two point zero.  Plus no other site wanted to talk with it.  Its life had come to an end and following an unrelated falling out with my hoster it all passed away.

Determined not to let my public down I started WordPressing.  Particularly as the blog model was overtaking the personal site in internetland.

However, I still harboured an underlying desire to return to full sitery.  I cherish my historic content and further I have a growing interest in podcasting and you need a base from which to launch your voice onto an unsuspecting public.

So I have been investigating the possibility of using this WordPress pad to base my online empire.  But have hit a wall.

If you have been getting auto-updates from this site you may have seen some pages come and now go.  This is because I have experimented with uploading sheaves of historic content here.  But it all failed at the fourth picture upload.  So it’s clearly not the way for me to go.

Looks like I am going to have to find a proper text editor, update my HTML5 skills and do a crash course in CSS.

I’ll let you know when it’s ready.  Expect my call in 2017.

I would be interested in learning how others do it.  I am aiming for a Web 2.0 site with clickable icons, multi-paged, commonly themed website with photo and audio uploads.  It needs to be created by an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) as I am aiming to move away from the desktop/laptop model.  It must be future proofed, so not some fly-by-night App.  I own my domain, have coded in HTML and have sorted hosting so only need a web developer tool or decent text editor.  Any help will be appreciated.  By which you are not to assume recompensed.

And I won’t fiddle with my WordPress again.