Bank Holiday

Another early ‘blog’ posted on the vinceunlimited website

This blog is rapidly turning into a diary.  I didn’t envisage listing virtually everything that I do but editing the fun is difficult when there has been so much of it.

The main thrust of the Holiday weekend was spent working.  The misses and I own an apartment that we rent out and this weekend was spent between tenants.  As we market the one-bedroomed flat as ‘prestige’ we had to return it to that state in readiness for our next occupier.  This meant getting all the grease out and some artwork in.

We had a break on Sunday and visited a local motor event where my niece was performing in a Junior motorcycle display team.  As is usual with these things I got involved.  Insofar as I sat in my sister’s car when it was being jumped by a lad on his Kawasaki.  The view out of the rear window was impressive, being sat in the last car in the row.  I figured that if I had captured the moment on a digital camera it could have featured in the BBC’s picture of the day.  The experience also made me think about my autobiography structure because of the innumerable things that I get involved in.  [You will have to visit the Autobiography section] to discover more.

The cricket that I mentioned earlier is picking up pace.  England took a second win in the Ashes series to lead the Aussies by one with one to go.  Suddenly everyone is a fan and I too was bowled over when watching the conclusion on Sunday evening but I doubt this is happening in Australia.

Finally had another browse at h2g2 and found many gaps that I could fill.  Am considering registering as a contributor.  Why is it I always think this way?

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