Here are, or will be in due course, when the time is appropriate, after all considerations are implemented and loose ends are tied, the historic ideas, opinions, comments and writing of vinceunlimited.

If you have previously seen earlier versions of the vinceunlimited websites much of the content or layout may be familiar to you.  Although now it’s all presented in this shiny, new, clean WordPress interface based on the Colinear theme.

Please feel free to browse at your leisure but note that this collection has been built over a number of years so don’t expect to take it all in during the advert break during your favourite mini-series.  So, please, take your time.  Enjoy the experience.

It’s all organised so that some themes are gathered onto a single page to avoid a huge tranche of sub-pages, so some may be inevitably quite lengthy.

Where possible first print dates are included.  These may be from a variety of sources, as indicated.

At first publication any ideas, opinions or comments were novel and original and all were written by Vince, so © should be assumed.  Time may well have rendered some commentary obsolete or possibly looking derivative.  Please first consider the original publication date if you have issues with copyright.  And do provide feedback if you feel strongly about something.

Please note, it may take some time to complete the uploading of all the files, so consider this if trying links.  And note that at present the author is unable to tag the individual archival entries into categories.  So he will be duly archived himself in due course.

And do check back to see it all being rebuilt here on WordPress, and enjoy the wonderful content all over again.

And for information, over time all the articles from the main homepage will gradually be nested here in retirement, to sleep peacefully with the others for time immemorial.  Or whenever Vince chooses to reinvigorate the site once more.  Or WordPress folds.  Or electricity is de-invented.



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