Maintaining The Good Start

Another early blog post from my vinceunlimited website from August 2005

Although I never intended entries to be added daily the initial momentum carries me into the second [blog] entry under full steam.

However, I am already thinking that adding a [heading] next to the date may be an error.  Often one of the most edited parts of my new pages whilst in preparation are the quick-fire headings.  They have to be snappy and relevant whilst offering a subtle hint at the humour within the page.  Not easy in a word or three.

It is a working day again but I grabbed a quick browse on the Internet within the BBC site (again) which led me to their h2g2 page.  This is a growing collection of information that realises the ideas of it’s founder, Douglas Adams, who envisaged such an information source in his novel ‘The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy’.  I’ll no doubt return again to this ocean of knowledge in due course but today had a quick surf in the philosophy section where I discovered many fascinating gems.

One was a page answering the familiar conundrum about the chicken and egg (as I had already deduced it was the egg).  This itself was not educational but a link to an alternative answer by Alice Kaswell amused me.  In it she determined the result by posting both a chicken and egg to herself.  You have to click the link [below] to read the amusing story.

Another article within the philosophy section briefly described transhumanism, which is the convergence of humans and technology to give us more than our three score and ten.  Whilst reading this I had to suppress an urge to add a comment in a similar vein about an idea I have been working on.  I’m often suppressing urges like this.  It’s been my nature since very young.  Question and answer sessions following lectures normally see me asking probing questions.

In simple terms my particular idea envisages a future time when due to progress humans can live forever but as their reproduction would soon swamp the world a choice would have to be made between longevity and procreation.  Most parents claim they would sacrifice themselves over to protect their offspring but if it came to it would they?  And if they were given a choice of kids or long life what would they choose?  I think this could make a fascinating subject of a film so didn’t post it on the site.

It just goes to prove that when I spend time reading and regurgitating the thoughts of others I am not preparing my own.  Just like the writing of this blog prevents me from developing fresh new pages on my site.  So a genuine philosophical question arises, the sort that becomes harder to answer the more it is considered.

Is [my] website better without [a] blog?

Of course there are many other side issues developing here.

I’m reminded that yesterday I came to the conclusion that virtually no-one has an original idea and even the most original thinkers and raconteurs are merely re-stating in their own manner all things that they have previously absorbed.  Or at least that’s what I do!

Each person has a stack of knowledge that is in part passed on to a variety of others.

A few months ago I thought I might try to record all I know in some sort of database for no other reason than my ego thinks it would be useful to others.  I was going to add it as a sub-section of this [my website], entitled ‘The Knowledge’.

I procrastinated as it is a major undertaking that may take some time to develop into a useful database and the sapling versions would be hollow.  Further it would, by its nature, lack humour, the underpinnings of [my website], so it is still on the back burner.  Barely alight to be honest and now almost extinguished by the discovery of Mr. Adams’ BBC offspring.

My version had one feature not on the BBC site which is that I envisaged all my facts to be graded.

I figured that each subject should have three categories.  Firstly, the basic explanation, almost a precise brief dictionary expression.  In the second category there would be a few facts and interesting related asides, the sort of fact that would impress at a dinner party without appearing to be an anorak.  Then finally the third level would be the full anorakal description.

So I have a choice.  Develop my original idea – this will take literally years and may be superseded long before it matures.  Secondly I could invite the formal BBC site to take on my grading idea.  And thirdly just get on with my work again.

I’ll take three.

Author: Vince Poynter
From the Blog section of the website dated 17 Apr 2018
First Published: Version 2.02 on 26 Aug 2005
The BBC no longer maintains the h2g2 link.  It is still live and can be found at
Wikipedia was launched in Jan 2001 and had about half a million entries by the time my article was posted from around 750 contributors.  The lack of my mentioning this source leads me to believe I wasn’t fully aware of this information source at the time of original posting
The Alice Kaswell link is
I have not finished with my idea about human longevity and am currently working on a book called ‘The Southampton Conundrum’ which explores some ideas in this field

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