Version 5 Phase 2 Completed

So, I’ve now completed phase two of the rebuilding of my version five web site.

Phase one was the preparation and initial launch back in September and this second phase was to add, page by page, an enhanced copy of the content originally published on my site in version 1.0 back in October 2003.  And it’s all done, bar the odd debugging and consistency fixing.

A total of nearly 100 pages now exist on the site in both desktop and mobile formats.  All told nearly 200 hand coded web pages.

If you have been following the uploads you will have already seen a truly eclectic mix of ideas, opinions, writing and information.  Now all with added photography enhancement and detail notes.  And this is just the start.

The new presentation allows you to either watch everything happen on the site’s homepage or selectively choose to follow a style or theme.

For example follow a blog format, like in most WordPress layouts, or you can pick your type such as a geek or petrolhead and follow only the content that you have a specific interest in.

Or you can even randomly select a page, do a search for specific articles or select content based on a phrase or snippet that interests you.

So, did I include all my original untouched content from version 1.00? Well, not quite.  But it’s all I am giving. Things have moved on from 2003 and I had to do just a tiny bit of editing.

Mostly it was just grammar corrections and layout updating but I also chose to omit some silly links, plus those outside of the web site as many now no longer exist.

Plus I have had to temper some phrases used in one article which now read a touch insensitive and I chose to exclude a full idea I previously had about a screensaver based on a then popular but now discredited television personality.

So what about phases three and onward.

Well next up, commencing very early next year, will be the web site additions originally issued in subsequent versions of my site numbered 1.01 to 1.04.

Followed by selective and relevant historic content to be added to the ‘About Me’ section.

Then I’ll be moving on to adding the 2005 onward web 2.xx versions, including my first  actually referenced blogs from originally around 2006.

This will be followed by my 2010 onward iWeb content

Then finally the 2012 to 2017 WordPress articles which include my 2014 podcasts will be added to the web site.  Although these are already on this WordPress site.

Plus various interesting interim diary, Social Media content and even selective YouTube videos.

So, an awful lot to come, all to be added one bit at a time to my web site over the course of the next year and possibly beyond!

And then I can finally get around to really enhancing the site, and in unison this WordPress feed, with brand new content from my extensive pending store of notes about writing and blog ideas, with more opinions, great inventions, ground breaking business plans and more planned superb content such as photography, audio and visual stuff to really make use of the new enhanced site layout.

You can see I still have a raft of work ahead and I hope a few surprises along the way.  So I would really appreciate you joining me on this journey to enjoy this ever growing, extensive online collection of my body of creative work.  Either here on WordPress or directly on the web site.

And that should answer the question most asked of me. Why are you doing a web site?

Thanks for following the story.


P.S. Remember it can be interactive so please email me if you have any questions or thoughts.

Author: Vince Poynter
First published on the home page, blog and web sections of the website dated 30 Dec 2017.  Reproduced here in full, unedited, apart from the extra references to WordPress

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