Podcast 17

Hi guys, Just a quick note to apologise for not issuing a podcast yesterday. In theory I should have been able to do a dozen or more as I’ve taken a week off work to spend more time with my tech. However the process of bringing a new laptop into the world whilst simultaneously decommissioning an older model plus doing the same for my phone and tablet has put my content creation skills on hold for a while. I may blog about the experience some day. I may not. I think you know me well enough by now to know that nothing is predictable. Including now, when the next podcast will come out. Please bear with me or alternatively use a subscription service to get notified of release. Either via this site, or via iTunes (search ‘vinceunlimited’ and laugh out loud at the other options they give before settling on the one actually called vinceunlimited). Either that or email me direct. Or post me a letter. Or kidnap my daughter. Or hire a light aircraft with a message tied to its tail and buzz me consistently until I surrender and issue the next instalment. Now I’m seeing the clearer picture. It’s in your hands not mine. It’s not my fault at all. Cheers, Vince


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